Melissa Lycan

Chief Strategist / Project Manager

Melissa Lycan has an MS in Business Intelligence(Valedictorian) and a BS in Music Business(Salutatorian) from Full Sail University.  She has spent 15 years working in sales and marketing in activism, enterprise software and fundraising verticals finding a natural passion for the entertainment industry and non-profit work.   She has founded three music companies over the last 10 years and her consulting company model is in the process of being Incorporated from a LLC. As Chief Strategist/Co-Founder of Lycan Development she builds the annual strategies, fosters innovation, supports best practices, outlines process improvement, budget management, facilitates training and skills development, identifying new market spaces, idea creation, resource allocation for the entire client organization, including all subsidiary companies under the Lycan Development umbrella.  She enjoys assessing client needs, creating need awareness, opportunity assessment and relationship management. With her fresh innovative outlook also comes an ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals and motivate them to accomplish their own goals. Melissa has traditionally focused on Project Management and Business Development Strategy for clients. Over the last 8 and a half years she has turned around several clients, promoted and run over 200 local concerts managed several dozen mid-large projects, managed a large annual festival at Civic Center, and still finds time to volunteer with for the last 3 years as a Congressional District Leader. Beyond her career diversity is a strong education and a belief in constant strategic analysis and adaptation in approach to the changing environment, economy and political agendas in the market. As a chess player and a problem solver she is always picking apart at potential issues until all contingency plans are developed to ensure success without sacrificing timescales.  Melissa’s goals for Whisper Fiercely lean toward making a global impact on the way we think about our most precious commodities.  “Through strong communities we can achieve global success on a humanitarian level and what better way to achieve that than through our creativity!”