Lycan Development is a new Strategic Planning Consultancy dedicated to building stronger
communities with more ethical business practices through DATA analytics and Efficient Project Management. Our processes are simple and emphasize a deep dive into financial data, revenue generation, brand recognition, market trends, and employee management.  Our firm has an adventurous spirit and an affinity for authentic structures, entertainment, travel(including accommodations), real food and hidden treasures.

Business Analysis takes many forms but each company has unique reasons for seeking outside support during their end of year and quarterly planning sessions.   There are many models that are excellent options for analyzing your business including 7S, Six Sigma and Agile methodology that build successful implementation options.  Each of these steps have layers within each step that are critical to other parts of other steps.  Companies are dynamic and as such so should the Business Analyst reviewing your data.

LycanMelissaPestel DiagramStrategy and Objectives

Step 1: Identify the Industry Trends

Step 2: Identify the Market Trends

Step 3: PESTLE Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Step 4: MOST Analysis, Resource Audit and Boston Box Analysis

Step 5: SWOT Analysis and Ansoff’s Matrix

process modelingDiscovery/Investigation

Step 1: Identify the Organizational Structure

Step 2: Define Organizational Goals

Step 3: Collect System and Software Data

Step 4: Collect Historical Data

Step 5: Collect or Develop Process Maps

Crime Data Denver

Gain Perspective

Step 1: Interview Staff

Step 2: Stakeholder Assessments

Step 3: Interview Management


Step 1:  Organizational Model

Step 2:  Process Analysis

Step 3:  Business Change Identification

Step 4:  References/Justifications


Step 1: System Requirements Analysis

Step 2: Recommendations Analysis

Step 3: Recommended Development/Implementation

Step 4: Implementation Model and Timelines